Survival of the Blood
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Survival of the Blood

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Beth Bristow
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Charles Stuart came to Scotland seeking support to dethrone Englands King George II and replace him with his father, James Stuart. If the Highlanders will join his uprising, his promise to them is freedom from English tyranny, as well as guns, artillery and provisions for the battle. However, when the Battle of Culloden began, weary Highlanders had no weapons or food. They faced the Kings British Army who were trained, armed and ready for battle. Those Highlanders who were not killed were taken prisoner.
Janet Camerons husband Ewan, captured by British soldiers has died. Janet, unaware of his death, desperately searches for him. Barely escaping capture themselves, Janet and her six-year old nephew, Daniel Cameron, must return to the ruins of their Highland home where the familys inheritance is hidden.

Janet fears Daniel is the last surviving male of the Highland Cameron Clan. Their trip will be a perilous one as the Kings son, The Duke of Cumberland, called The Butcher has given orders to find and kill all Highlanders. Thousands of the Kings soldiers, determined to find and capture Charles Edward Stuart, are searching the Highlands. Janet must return home to uncover what is rightfully hers in order to survive and protect the dying Cameron Highlander line.

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