Anxiety Yields to Faith
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Anxiety Yields to Faith

Reflections on How Faith Helps Us Control Our Anxiety
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James D. Bailiff
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Anxiety Yields to Faith: Reflections on How Faith Helps Us Control Our Anxiety does not shy away from unmasking the often hidden burdens that people who live with anxiety feel in their daily lives. Instead, James. D. Bailiff, drawing upon a careers experience as a pastor and the educational insights flowing from advanced theological degrees from Emory University and Vanderbilt University, explores the sense of balance and imbalance that flows through human life. He presents an honest appraisal of the role of anxiety in human life and sketches out the therapeutic value of faith in dealing with anxiety.Anxiety Yields to Faith also digs into the scriptural witness to the ministry of Jesus and reviews how therapeutic faith connects people to God. Finally, people who recognize their anxiety and who rest upon the foundation of therapeutic faith can discover how such faith connects them to the world as they engage in therapeutic work. They can find the strength to do justice, make peace, practice conversation, and share the Good News of Jesus with others.
If you know the gnawing and roiling feelings of anxiety in your own life, or if you know and care about someone who faces such feelings, then Anxiety Yields to Faith: Reflections on How Faith Helps Us Control Our Anxiety can help you understand the workings of anxiety, appreciate the gifts faith pours out in the face of anxiety, and celebrate the opportunities to live by this therapeutic faith in service and witness.

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