Change of Plane
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Change of Plane

A Memoir
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Albert Marks
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In Change of Plane author Albert Marks recounts the narrative events of Marks life, who grew up as an athletic small-town boy and became an accomplished health-care professional. Guided by a powerful vision when he was fourteen years old, Mark dreamed of life away from the confines of his small Minnesota hometown. The story of Marks growth unfolds with a stream of youthful adventures, collegiate life and a variety of notable escapades.
Fulfilling his teenage goals for his future, Mark details his professional growth in the sports medicine fields, punctuated with encounters with famous people along the way. In a reflective style, he assesses a series of key life and career events in regard to personal maturation. In addition, Change of Plane offers Marks insights as a rehabilitation/sports medicine specialist and how they relate to daily living.

Paralleling the recent autobiographies and personal insights of physicians, Change of Plane delineates the career and learned perspectives of a physical therapy/athletic training clinician who teaches his discipline. Marks presents fresh and often humorous viewpoints of professional growth, sports events and culture, and the essence of a physical life.

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