Look Beyond the Obvious
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Look Beyond the Obvious

A Blueprint for Transforming Managers into Leaders
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Edward F. Schultz
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If two people always agree, one of them is unnecessary, Henry Ford once said.
He was on to something: The best businesspeople suggest alternatives to ideas and strategies. When practiced effectively, this can lead to innovations that dramatically boost sales.

Edward F. Schultz, a leading consultant to businesses both big and small, explains why conventional or group thinking results in conventional results--something no business owner wants. The key to lasting success is engaging in differential thinking, which will allow you to.

retain top-quality employees;
help customers achieve their goals;
provide employees with the support they need to succeed;
reduce inefficiencies and ineffectiveness; and
achieve small, incremental goals on the way to your ultimate target.

Each chapter includes separate insights designed to address a different element of leadership, weaving together theory and practical application.

Filled with real-life scenarios on coaching employees and managers, this guidebook for owners, leaders and entrepreneurs will get you the bottom-line results you crave. But youll only get them when you Look Beyond the Obvious.

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