Genesis Beginning
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Genesis Beginning

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Brian M. Boyce
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In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth. So begins the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament and one of the worlds oldest tales. In Genesis Beginning, author Brian M. Boyce offers a Biblical account of creation re-told in rhymed verse.
Helping the Bible come alive, this picture book geared toward children tells the story of how God created the earth and mankind in an understandable format. Taking scenes from the Bible, Boyce explores the timeless questions involving God and the universe. Through rhyme and illustration, he shares some of the worlds most ancient stories, fascinating in their account of the human condition.

What would you put in a bath tub
That was as big as the bowels of the Earth?
It was easy for God to make something
To fill up the tides and the surf.

He made fishes from wishes to ride in the splishes
And eels and whales galore.
They ride on the tides, in deep caves abide
And sleep near the oceans rock floor.

Monsters and creatures and beings
That fumed and bloomed and roared.
Some of them still swim around us,
Others died with the last dinosaurs.

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