Brass Roots
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Brass Roots

A Novel
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Jan Tenery
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Grad student Jeffrey Bowden wants out of Baxter, Maine, a city gripped in financial and moral decline. As a gifted musician with high ambitions, Jeffrey is reluctantly working as the local colleges assistant band directorall while counting down the days until he can leave Baxter and establish his career someplace with more promise. Then, renowned philanthropist Andrew Quigley comes to town and makes Jeffrey an offer he cannot refuse: a full-time directorship in Hawaii.
Jeffrey is soon ushered into a spectacular life in paradise, where he and Quigley begin to develop the symphony Jeffrey is to lead. But when Quigleys wife absconds with the funds bankrolling the venture, Jeffreys dream career suddenly collapses, forcing his return to Baxter to lead the municipal band. Now an employee of the city, Jeffrey gets an insiders look at the corruption underlying Baxters problems. He mounts a grassroots effort against the mayors harmful practices, and in doing so, sparks a revival of hope among his fellow citizens. But as Quigley reappears with an astonishing accusation, Jeffrey realizes that his passion for righting wrongs has put both his reputation and his life at stake.

Brass Roots is the inspiring and humorous tale about a natural leader in search of his true destiny.

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