Monarch, Monarch
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Monarch, Monarch

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Christine Miller
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The Monarch butterfly is the king of all butterflies. With orange and black veins and a white dotted black middle, it is a beautiful insect. In Monarch, Monarch, author Christine Miller explores the fascinating world of the Monarch butterfly.
In this picture book for children, Miller shares a lot of information about the Monarch:

Learn about its four life stages and how to identify eggs, caterpillars, and adults.
Understand how the caterpillar changes into a chrysalis.
Follow along visually as a chrysalis ripens and turns transparent, then hatches.
Read about the Monarch migration and winter sites.
Follow them through their generation cycles and learn when to expect Monarchs in your area.
Discover how to increase their dwindling numbers by planting milkweed and raising butterflies.
Become an advocate for their survival.

Monarch, Monarch tells how the Monarch butterfly is integral to our world, singular in development and domain, and how this insect is at risk. Through words and pictures, she shows how to conserve this insect and raise awareness for its survival.

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