The Little Girl Who Wanted to Be Santa’s Elf
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The Little Girl Who Wanted to Be Santa’s Elf

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Gail Hagen
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Hayley is a happy little girl who lives with her mom and dad, her sissy, and her golden retriever named Lulu. Hayley loves her family, their laughter, and their time together. And, she especially loves that her dad tucks her into bed every night.
But one day, Hayley notices the laughter is gone, and her dad doesnt tuck her into bed at night. She discovers her parents are getting divorced, and that makes her very sad. At Christmas, she writes a letter to Santa asking him if she could live with them at the North Pole. She wants to become an elf and bring happiness to her family again. After all, elves have magical powers and could make this happen. Jingles, Santas top elf writes her back and tells her what family is all about.

Through words and pictures, The Little Girl Who Wanted to Be Santas Elf, narrates a special story about families and the changes that can often occur. It reminds children their parents love them no matter what.

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