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Bodie's Search for Home
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Ginny Stone
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Bodie is a beautiful young cat with a fluffy black tuxedo coat, a black and white tail, and large green eyes. She is content to live in the alley behind a seafood restaurant, where every day friendly people bring her food and water. One morning, though, the restaurant doors do not open and no one comes to feed her. So she sets off to search the city for food.
Bodie roams the busy streets, eating scraps and bits of discarded food, and dodging pedestrians and dangerous traffic. Later, she revisits the closed seafood restaurant. Sadly, the young cat realizes she must leave the cozy alley and begin her search for a new place to live. Her travels take her away from the city and into the countryside where she seeks shelter and food in the fields and woods.

Even in the wild, her wanderings put her in danger when she is forced to flee a tractor and escape a speeding truck. Hurt and afraid and knowing she does not want to be alone, Bodies search leads her to a caring young girl named Lily, who gives Bodie hope of finding a safe place to call home.

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