Dog Gone Shame
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Dog Gone Shame

House Dog
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Dog is a sad house dog who thinks his once loving and doting family does not want him anymore. Nobody pays attention to him and they even forgot his birthday. Seemingly left with no other choice, Dog wanders far from home.
It is not long before Dog meets up with Fancy, a wise street cat, and Buster, a stray dog, who encourage him to choose a new name. Now as Socks, the house dog is ready to discover just what it means to live outdoors. Together with his unlikely friends, Socks embarks on a journey where he must learn how to survive in the wild without the family he thinks has forgotten about him. But have they really?

Dog Gone Shame is the charming story of a house dogs adventures after he runs away from home, meets two new friends, and explores a different life.

There are many lessons for children .
--Sharon Battle Patterson--retired principal and educator,
Cincinnati Public Schools

A must read for all!
--Mary Bray--Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

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