A Cushing’S Collection
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A Cushing’S Collection

A Humorous Journey Surviving Cushing’S Disease, Diabetes Insipidus, and a Bilateral Adrenalectomy
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Marie Conley
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Diagnosed with a rare disease that only affects between two and ten people per million, Marie Conley used emails to communicate with family, friends, and co-workers to keep them apprised of the diagnosis and prognosis of Cushings disease and the many complications she experienced on this journey. Her ironic humor and raw, emotional approach helps bring hope to those touched by this rare and unrelenting disease.
In her mid-thirties, Conley, who strived to keep herself healthy while maintaining the delicate balance of raising a young child, keeping a home, and a demanding career, began to experience a variety of unexplained maladies inconsistent with her life style.

Because of the elusive nature of Cushings disease, the treatment is a long and complicated process of trial and error. At this time, there is no cure, largely due to the fact that Cushings disease is considered an orphan disease. As is her nature, she has decided to adopt this orphan and is doing everything she can to bring awareness to this disease.

Conleys tenacious spirit and determination would not allow this insidious disease to triumph over her life. Armed with her laptop as the only weapon available in the sterility of the recovery room, the author attacks the keyboard with a vengeance to let friends and family know that in this battle, there is no surrender.

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