Mabel’S Meadow
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Mabel’S Meadow

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Lauren Raudabaugh
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Mabel cant believe it when one day she looks into a puddle and sees her reflection.She had always imagined she was a bright, beautiful caterpillar, but she realizes with horror that shes skinny, green, and plain looking. Her bright, cheerful smile turns into a frown.
But then a red-bellied robin flies out of the sky to talk to Mabel. Oh dont worry, little Mabel! Im not going to eat you! the robin says. My name is Eloise, and I have been watching you from afar. What seems to be the problem here?
When Eloise hears what it is, she tells Mabel that beauty isnt determined by whats on the outside, but by whats on the inside. She advises Mabel to continue being a kind caterpillar and sharing her beauty with others.
Mabelwho had always had a loving heartfollows Eloises advice by striving even harder to help her friends in the meadow.
Join Mabel as she learns the true definition of beauty and discovers that friendship and kindness can change the world.

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