The Wealth Management Experience
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The Wealth Management Experience

The Peace of Mind That Comes When Your Financial Roots Are Strong
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Jim Hatton
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Creating a comprehensive plan for managing wealth can be as enjoyable and satisfying as designing a dream house or planning a trip around the world.
Jim Hatton-Vice President of Hatton Consulting-provides the blueprint and itinerary you need in this guidebook to growing and managing your wealth. Learn how to:

evaluate the current state of your finances and set goals for the future;
develop a target rate of return for your investment portfolio;
create a portfolio of mixed assets to meet your objectives and match your risk tolerance;
avoid missteps that can lead to underperformance;
follow a process that adheres to a fiduciary standard of care;
blend all areas of wealth management; investment, retirement, estate, tax, insurance, asset protection and charitable giving into one cohesive plan;
ensure all your advisers are working as a team on your behalf.

Jim Hatton has provided a comprehensive and well-written guide to help individuals achieve financial security and plan for a fulfilling lifestyle in retirement so that continued work is an option, not a necessity.

Burton G. Malkiel is the author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street, 11th edition paper, 2016.

If I could recommend one book every investor should read it would be The Wealth Management Experience by Jim Hatton. The book details a prudent step-by-step plan for managing your wealth which leads to financial security and peace of mind.

Len Templeton, Founder and President, Templeton Financial Services

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