The House of Lassenberry
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The House of Lassenberry

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Daniel Webb
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Benny Lassenberry was a young, poor African American kid who inadvertently got caught up in the mob when he came to the aid of a mafia captain under attack by a group of assassins. Benny saves the mans life, and in return, he becomes the head of the mafias drug operation.
Benny thrives in the criminal environment and eventually brings his son into the fold. The son is ambitious like his father and expands the drug operation to farther-reaching areas of New Jersey. Little do they know theres a powerful force lurking in the corporate and political world, watching the growth of the Lassenberry regime.

Soon, this dark force makes itself known and threatens the Lassenberry family into working for them, laundering their products while still working for the mob. It becomes quickly apparent that serving two masters is dirty work. Will the Lassenberry clan serve the mob or an evil corporate force? Will they even survive long enough to make their decision?

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