Where Do You Walk?
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Where Do You Walk?

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Jamie Dube
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Author Jamie Dube had his first paranormal experience at the age of thirteen. From that point on, his life has been a journey of investigation into the spirit world. Along the way, he learned many secrets about not only spirits but also the living.
In Where Do You Walk? Dube shares narratives and insights from his lifelong connection and work with the paranormala gift given to him by the great white light of Christ. Through this knowledge, you can change your life forever by creating a living reality using perception and positive energy frequencies. With the help of knowledge of an angelic message received during a near-death experience, you can open your eyes to a sense of wonder that most people lose with their childhood. You can educate yourself, take control of your spirit light, and block the negative energies of the spirit world; these real-life tales of navigating the spiritual divide can help.

Including true stories of the paranormal and the insight gained from those experiences, this guide explores ways to change your life through positive energy from the spirit world.

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