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Foundation of Alchemy, the Principle of Universal Equilibrium
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Josué Roussel
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The universe is not the fruit of a series of random, chaotic, and blind events. Rather, nature is the manifestation of a work full of intelligent science and wisdom always faithful to and constant with itself. In the search for the original, authentic universe, only the great science of alchemy--founded on the principle that everything works as a whole, in close unity, and is all subdued to the same forces of equilibrium or disequilibrium in origin--has the power to expose the multiple faces of life and death.

In Equilibrium, author Josu Roussel diligently explores the basis of the principle of universal equilibrium. This progressive study refines our perceptions in identifying the nature of balance and imbalance in the universe. Rather than being based on an intuitive inspiration, the science of alchemy exclusively provides an interpretation of the dual forces of good and evil--with truth emblazoned on one side and illusion on another. This science of the absolute establishes a close association between the physical world and the invisible world.

Nothing is random since every single phenomenon we see and feel means something. Is there truth in spiritual revelation? And how can we make sense of all this? This innovative approach to both science and spirituality through alchemy will ultimately serve as the cornerstone of a series of works related to various themes associated with universal sciences. Building the philosophers stone becomes the ultimate lever of alchemy, and its breakthroughs will be demystified like never before!

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