The Hocus Pocus Hockey Stick
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The Hocus Pocus Hockey Stick

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Patricia Lugo
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Jeffrey Puck loves to play hockey. The only problem is that hes not very good at scoring goals or even at skating. Tomorrow is his seventh birthday, and he will finally be old enough to join the Junior Hockey League at the skating rink. But will he be able to play well enough to stay on the team?
The first practice doesnt go well for Jeffrey. He slips and falls, and then he misses the puck when he tries to hit it. After practice is his birthday party, and all of his classmates come over. When Jeffrey opens his birthday presents, his father gives him a hockey stick of his own, which his dad says is magical. Will the Hocus Pocus Hockey Stick really help Jeffrey score goals?

This childrens tale tells the story of a boy who learns to believe in himself when he receives a magic hockey stick for his birthday.

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