Newport Wedding Belles
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Newport Wedding Belles

Everyone Wants to Be on the Guest List…Except the Reluctant Bride and Groom.
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Colette Harrington
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Sugar Lynn Limehouse is a feisty Southern belle desperate to save her family owned newspaper from going under. She invests everything into a Broadway bound play written by her best friend and award winning columnist, Tiffany James. The Boston debut will determine their future and ticket sales are dismal.
On opening night, a chance encounter with billionaire Prescott Borden and his supermodel girlfriend changes their fortunes. Tiffany stumbles into the arguing couple headed out of their hotel suite. The pretty playwright is mistaken for the other woman by the notorious cover girl. All the tabloids have a field day with the fierce attack, caught by security cameras.

Now they have the worlds attention and Prescott takes an interest in the head-turning writer. He charms Tiffany into allowing him to manage the media inquiries, with a hidden agenda of clearing his own name. Shes infatuated and agrees to attend the premiere together. Sugar is shocked. Her newspaper is at risk and hes bad news. Their charismatic personalities clash, while the sweet natured Tiffany tries to please both, to no avail. Their banter heats up and heightens the sexual tension simmering between them.

Despite the disagreements, the show is a huge hit. The press loves the playboy and playwright pairing. Everyone expects favorable reviews, but instead a new video tape surfaces. One that will cause a tabloid frenzy and force the rivals to partner up in the most unexpected way.

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