A Piece of Blue Sky
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A Piece of Blue Sky

The Dynamics of Faith
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Darrel E. Berg
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A Piece of Blue Sky: The Dynamics of Faith turns to Abraham, the patriarch of the faith, to find both encouragement and challenge. In a classic series of sermons on this figure, Darrel E. Berg explores the dynamics of faith. Seeking the parallels between Abrahams path and the course facing an individual seeking to live by faith in todays world, he offers several key, guiding insights. The life of faith is like a pendulum that swings between doubt and trust. The person who follows God in faith will face times of sacrifice. God desires for individuals, by his grace, to accept their own identities and to embrace their places in Gods plans.A key message of A Piece of Blue Sky is clear: Christians lives are not necessarily free from tension or exempt from strife. Its encouragement is equally unambiguous: despite the swings between enthrallment and discouragement with Gods calling, Christians can remain committed, like Abraham, to remain obedient to God and to follow his guidance for living.
In A Piece of Blue Sky: The Dynamic of Faith, one hears clearly that just as Abraham never found all that he sought on his own journey through life, Christians today can continue to seek the promised land to which God calls them. Even when that journey leads to places where clouds of adversity hang over the life of faith, Abrahams example reminds them that God always holds out the promise of a piece of blue sky.

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