Jesus Cloned
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Jesus Cloned

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William Hagenbuch
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Nineteen-year-old Joe ODell is about to learn he is not who he thinks he is.
Soon after being introduced to Betsy, a spirited coed unlike anyone he has met, Joe is abducted to a private, billion-dollar lab. There he discovers the unbelievable: he has been cloned from two-thousand-year-old burial lines that may have been Jesus Christs. Held captive, Joe watches his almost normal life through scenes recorded by a genius who wants to know if his clone is divine or not. Distraught, Joe flees. On his own, the once tender now broken soul welcomes darkness, even sin.

The runaway never forgets Betsy who, after just one meeting, becomes a light to him, a beacon. Joe also remembers his college roommate, a modern-day matchmaker with his own struggle.

When he returns to the life he knew, Joe reconnects with his dad and the old neighborhood that now includes new faces. Before being called to help one special person become one great minister someday, Joe touches everyone around him with his truth: God is within each of us.

Jesus Cloned is a gentle, often funny, scientifically engaging, irrevocably sweet and heartwarming journey. Through their losses and gains, Joe and those closest to him reveal to themselvesand to all of ushow far Gods love reaches, and how much that love heals.

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