Squeak and the Capital H
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Squeak and the Capital H

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Catherine E. Guerra
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Squeak, Chippy, Cheeks, and Bunny love to play beneath a large billboard on a large piece of empty land outside their prairie dog village. One day when Squeak finds a mysterious object that has fallen from the billboard, the four animal friends become curious about what it might be.
With help from a wise old prairie dog, the four learn all about the object and its purpose in their community. As Squeak, Chippy, Cheeks, and Bunny discover how to see things differently and that it is okay if not everyone thinks the same as them, they also learn about the Great Creator and how much He loves them.

In this charming childrens tale, the reader takes an educational journey within the meaning of perspective and learns to see things from others point of view.


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