The Earth Belongs to All of Us
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The Earth Belongs to All of Us

You Can Make a Difference!
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Mary Stanowicz-Freeman
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If you find yourself complaining about water shortages, utility costs, global warming, garbage dumps (on land and in the sea), ozone layer depletion, chemicals, plastics, or any number of ecology issues:
Stop complaining, and do something about it!

None of us can do it all, but

all of us can do something!

Maybe youre not quite sure what you can do, so inside are some ideas to get you started.

I realize that if you are the only one who tries this, it wont amount to much. But imagine if everyone in America implemented the suggestions in this bookjust one day a year. That would mean a savings of 60 million watts, gallons of water, plastic bottles, tubes from toilet tissue, and much more! If everyone in America did it for a year that would be 21,900,000,000, almost 22 billion watts, gallons of water, plastic bottles, and countless tubes from toilet tissue. Now thats exciting! Lets start today!1

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