The Foundation
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The Foundation

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy
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Zeno D. Edwards
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Odell Williams grows up amid a humble background, encouraged by a loving mother who teaches him that working hard and treating people with dignity and respect will bring success. After vowing to make something out of his life to reward his mother for her selfless investment in his college education, Odell begins his journey into the business world.
Fulfilling his mission to repay his mother for her personal sacrifices soon becomes challenging as Odell realizes that diversity and individualism are not understood or tolerated in corporate America. Still, even as he faces numerous roadblocks, Odell manages to persevere within a vicious environment of deceit and betrayal where he finds himself constantly struggling to understand the unwritten rules of corporate behavior. But as his destiny leads him into an unknown future, Odell must rely on his wifes strength and his own as his journey comes full circle and takes him to a place he never could have imagined.

In this inspirational tale, a courageous black man seeks a new beginning in corporate America where he discovers that achieving success is not easy in the unforgiving world of big business.

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