Don’T Play in the Sandpit
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Don’T Play in the Sandpit

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Audrey Edwards
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Moral-free America didnt happen overnight. The Great Depression was a time in American history where citizens had to fight to survive the hard timesand this often meant breaking the law. Making and distributing moonshinea dangerous homemade brew of alcoholwas one way to try and survive. But these adults did little to hide their illegal lifestyle from their children, often even glorifying their illicit activities and relishing in their own alcoholism. A time also marred by prejudice and racism, this bitter atmosphere helped shape the younger generation of the early twentieth century.Dont Play in the Sandpit chronicles the way this immoral atmosphere has been passed on between generationsgradually breaking apart any belief by society of a moral code. Opening during the Great Depression in a fictionalized, isolated Florida community where moonshining, rum running, and gambling lead to its demise, the story points a finger at adultsparents includedwho do not do their part to discourage young people from drinking alcohol. And as the story unfolds, the costs of adults endorsing alcohol abuseeither by their silence, by their own indulgence, or by embracing young drinkersare ultimately paid with the health of todays generations.
What can be done to confront the disease of alcoholism? The medical establishment can research the effects of excessive drinking, but it is up to parents and society in general to take responsibility for curbing its useand they must do it by example.

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