The Tales of Chavez, Part One
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The Tales of Chavez, Part One

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Frank Chavez
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Frank Chavez, who was born in Tularosa, grew up listening to the stories of his beloved grandmother, Louisa. As she relayed fascinating tales about her father Jose Chavez-one of two regulators who was not gunned down by the law back in those days. The other being Billy Bonnie. Frank learned the art of storytelling and how each tale held the power to keep his spirited relatives alive for future generations.As Frank leads others through these stories, he provides a glimpse back into a time when securing the proper trade at the general store could be a matter of life or death for a loved one.
In his diverse collection, Chavez retells compelling tales of his great-grandfathers relentless search for his spirit guide, his trading adventures, his experiences during the bloody slaughter at the Dragoon, and his friendship with Billy the Kid- the one the law attempted to kill but never could.
The Tales of Chavez, Part One shares a collection of stories that highlight the adventures of one mans ancestor as he attempted to make his mark on the world and learned that there are consequences for every decision.

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