Erica’S Treehouse
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Erica’S Treehouse

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Kelly B
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A oak tree, more than forty feet tall, commands attention in the middle of Ericas big backyard. She loves the tree with all of its branches and nooks and crannies. She enjoys climbing into the oak and finding refuge; its her magical adventurous tree.
As the seasons change, the tree continues to grow. As it grows, she discovers she can no longer reach the branches to pull herself into it or climb it. Ericas father sees her disappointment and suggests building a special treehouse in the old oak. She wants the treehouse to be at least ten feet off the ground, to have windows on each side, to have room to stretch out, and to include a thinking space.

After a big setback, father and daughter work together to create a special place in the grand old oak tree, a place where Erica can experience a variety of rewarding adventures as a little girl.

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