Eek and Beek from Zeek
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Eek and Beek from Zeek

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Lori Hefflefinger
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Eek and Beek are lovable alien brothers who are visiting the earth from their home planet, Zeek. Theyre staying for a weekbut theyre very hungry! What should they eat?
First they see a little mouse on Elephant Street. After the mouse gets away, they smell apple pie at the home of a lady named Sue. Perhaps that would make a better treat! As they roam through the town and the countryside, looking for a snack, Eek and Beek see a lot of different locationsparks and hills, barns and fields, and back into town, where they return to Sues house. Maybe theyll find something to eat in there! But what will Sue do when she discovers what theyve eaten?

In this childrens story, two purple aliens visit the earth and wander all over the place in search of something to eat.

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