Grandpa’S Orchard
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Grandpa’S Orchard

Based on a True Story of an Oregon Family Farm
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Darcy Thomas Kirk
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Every year on the hazelnut farm, magic happens. Its a place where stories, music, good food, family, and friends come together year roundbut as summer comes to an end, things begin to change. On this working farm, the boys watch Dad and Grandpa do the tasks that need to be done as they head to the arbor to play, climb trees, and dream up new adventures.
The totes are stacked high on the farm, and the tractor and harvester are ready for Mother Natures sign. Even the young boys know that great care must be taken to keep the orchard floor clean and prepared for when the nights become cooler and the nuts begin to fall. Suddenly, harvest time begins and so too the flurry of activity on the farm!

Grandpa and Dad are hardworking farmers who have learned how to care for the land. They pass on respect of the hazelnut farm, the place they call home, to the next generation as youngsters watch and grow like the trees on their family farm. Someday, these little boys will be the adults, and then, it will be their turn to work hard and care for the Earths many treasures.

A fun portrayal of a multi-generational farming family and farm life told from a youngsters perspective. Grandpas passion for farming and desire to pass on the tradition is genuine and heartfelt.
TJ Hafner, third-generation family farmer, agronomist

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