Beside Me
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Beside Me

A Spiritual Journey in Trust
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Early days of marriage are usually filled with hope and promise for a bright future. Though problems arise, they are usually solved together. Some couples are lucky and find the happiness that comes with sharing a life with a spouse they truly love. For others, its not to be.
In her book, Beside Me: A Spiritual Journey in Trust, author Nirel shares the story of her marriage, which was far from what she dreamed of. The mundane troubles of a young married couple escalated to domestic assault and numerous serious attempts to harm her. With a deep faith and the Holy Spirit as her guide, Nirel escapes life with an abusive, alcoholic husband and begins a journey she hadnt counted on.

Though covering many serious matters, this memoir also reveals the simple joys and humorous anecdotes of her life in Ontario and elsewhere. From cars stuck on the railroad tracks (and the train does come along), sleigh rides in waist-deep snow, cross-country skiing that terminates with a fire at the lodge, to the abject horror of being assaulted and strangled with her own robe sash, Beside Me: A Spiritual Journey in Trust is a story of courage, spirit, and faith.

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