In the Beginning God …
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In the Beginning God …

A Primer on Self-Government
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Marian Adams
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Todays youth seem to know very little about the history and government of the United States of America, the nation in which they live and will soon inherit. Inspired by this thought the author wrote, In the Beginning God . . . . . A Primer on Self-government with rhythm and in rhyme to excite all ages in an adventure from Creation to the present. Poetry and suggestions for imaginative drawing and creative thinking stimulate interest in this one-of-a-kind nation. Learning becomes fun as the student takes on the role of Illustrator.
Parents, grandparents and teachers can model and reinforce pride in the nation which emerged from a fresh start in the new world and became the greatest and most envied nation on earth. Godly values were an important part of its government of, by and for the people with liberty and justice for all.

Step into your time capsule and enjoy the trip as you and your family gain a better understanding of this great nation and thus secure its values and history for future generations.

Families write lists of dos and donts.

(Sorry, theres really no place for wonts.)

Such a list is a set of rules to keep you from harm,

Safe and secure in moms or dads arm.

Children are happiest and mostly content

When living under a system of rules called government.

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