Finding Patterns
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Finding Patterns

Traveling Four Women’S Paths
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Josefa Pace Ph.D.
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Trace the paths of four Italian women in this story about extraordinary immigrants who came to the United States of America in the turbulent years after World War II.
Pasqualina Ruggiero, Matilde Mauro, Assunta Rufrano, and Filomena Lamberti were born from 1928 to 1936 in southern Italy, and they overcame tremendous odds to work toward a better life.

Each one made their way from Italy to New York by boat, assembled homes with a multilevel purpose, lived within their means, and achieved success. Each has lived past eighty, and they remain deeply involved in their communities and devoted to their families.

They are master chefs, wine connoisseurs, and spiritual advisers. They are constantly sustaining other peoples lives, and its fitting to celebrate them and learn from their ways.

Having lived under dictators, survived bombings in occupied Italy, immigrated to a new country, become citizens, worked as seamstresses within factories, and witnessed transitions in worldwide politics, these women are still thriving in the digital age.

Get insights on navigating monumental shifts, maintaining your health, and living your life by learning from the four special women highlighted in Finding Patterns.

Well-written and bittersweet reflections on the immigrant experience, the human experience (Dr. Sasha Ramlal).

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