Fate of Angels
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Fate of Angels

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JoAnna Christine Daniels
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Father Francis is a gifted priest in 1908 France when he meets the young novice, Sister Louise. Despite strict codes of conduct, he falls secretly in love with the impetuous, high-spirited woman. She falls in love with his music. The attraction intensifies . . . leading to an unprecedented scandal . . . vehement opposition from family and clergy.
When her outraged father takes drastic action, Louise fights to be with the priest she loves. A test of wills ensues . . . dreams of an Atlantic crossing, and a bid for freedom in the New Worldbut can their forbidden love overcome the dictates of the times in which they live?

Years later, it is the beautiful, intrepid Mimi, who risks it all for the man she loves. She drives from California to New York to win the heart of the handsome Broadway actor from Minnesota, George N. Valentine. But like her mother before her, can Mimis passion for her lover surmount the obstacles that work to keep them apart?

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