Annie the Star Student
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Annie the Star Student

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Anne M. Gorman
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Annie is very excited to be going to school today. She is wearing her favorite shoes, and more importantly, this is the day when her teacher, Ms. Kimble, picks the Star Student for the week.
All children have different strengths, and all are special in their own way. The Star Student might be a very good artist, like Natalie, or someone who knows all the letters and numbers and can read, like Catherine, or someone who is a creative builder, like Billy. Annie isnt like any of those students, but she does her very best at her work and plays nicely with her friends. She is kind and is a great friend to everyone. Will Ms. Kimble pick her as this weeks Star Student?

In this childrens story, Annie learns the importance of being kind, trying to do the best you can, and always being yourself.

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