Time Dancer and the Potion of Invincibility
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Time Dancer and the Potion of Invincibility

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Robert William Hult
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When fourteen-year-old Bing Brown, who lives in the Met-how Valley, Third Dimension, loses his home and his entire family to a house fire, he is devastated. But he has no idea how drastically this event with change his life.
Bing meets an old-looking person who calls himself the Time Dancer and soon learns that Adabega, a Fifth Dimension shapeshifter, is responsible for the fire. The villain seeks a magic Tang mirror that would enable him to take over time for his own nefarious purposes. Bing also learns that he may be able to bring his beloved family back to lifeby changing the course of past time. In order to accomplish this improbable task, he must locate seven difficult-to-find ingredients of an ancient Potion of Invincibility. This would will give him a fighting chance against the cunning and wicked Adabega, whom Bing must confront on his home ground at the beginning of time. Only then will he have a chance to save his family.

In this fantasy novel, a teenage boy turns to a mysterious mentor to guide him through the process of facing a tremendous evil and bringing his family back to life.

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