The 14 Virtues of the Good Father
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The 14 Virtues of the Good Father

Navigational Tools for the Father Inside of Every Man
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Bruce D. Edwards JD LLM
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Recent studies conducted by the National Center for Fathering and National Fatherhood Initiative show that only fifty percent of children spend their childhood in an intact family, and about one-third of all children live apart from their biological fathers.
As a father, your involvement is much greater than your mere presence. Fathers must ensure that their deeds exemplify their words in that the father exhibits the behavior he instills in his children.

Bruce D. Edwards, JD, LLM, has mentored hundreds of young children, and hes witnessed what it means when they have a father figure in their lives. In his book, Bruce shares impactful qualities to becoming a better father and role model. Learn how to:

develop the necessary spiritual awareness to lead and guide children;

invest the necessary time and effort to be a great father figure;

show affection and love to boost a childs self-esteem; and

comprehend what it means to spend quality time with children.

Whether youre a parent, grandparent, guardian, teacher, mentor, or an adult who wants to make a difference by cultivating lasting connections with children, The 14 Virtues of the Good Father is a great resource guide to assist in developing and nurturing fatherly relationships.

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