The Winds of Eruna
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The Winds of Eruna

Book One: a Flight of Wings
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K. H. Moore
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Not long after the Great Winds give birth to the land of Eruna, a gifted winglet grows into a girl who is determined to follow her path, whatever that might be. One day after she insists she wants to study magic at a special academy by the cliffs, she leaves her grandfather, Tavat, leader of the clans of the High Plateaus, no choice but to accompany her with his best warriors on a journey across Eruna. Unfortunately, their journey is fraught with danger.
Along the way, Ooloo encounters the High Matriarchs daughter who is secretly life-mated to a wingman from a family politically opposed to her mother; a wingless ground-dweller who has fled from an accident and left behind his lover and family; and a former Wind Dancer who is wreaking death and destruction in the Wastelands under the bidding of his demon overlord. As the Winds intertwine all of their lives, they must wait to see if their destiny will take root among the giant Trees of Eruna or if an evil presence will unleash a dark plan.

The Winds of Eruna is a story of strength amid adversity as a gifted winglet sets out on a quest to battle the evil that overshadows her land.

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