Excuse Me Waiter, but There’S a Flyswatter in My Soup
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Excuse Me Waiter, but There’S a Flyswatter in My Soup

The Book for Everyone
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Fritz Fritzgerald
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Fritz Fritzgerald loves to laugh at life almost as much as he loves to laugh at himself. In his collection of endearingly humorous poems, Fritzgerald balances important topics like spirituality, love, friendship, honesty, and even mortality with equally significant and relatable issues like eating until your stomach explodes, waking up naked in a department store, and peeing in the snow.Fritzgerald, who has learned the hard way not to drink pretty paints, writes for a diverse audience that includes those with a full head of small hairs or only one giant hair; people that silently chew their gum or people that loudly gum their chew; and, most importantly, for anyone who is alive and breathing. In laugh-out-loud poems, Fritzgerald shares leftovers advice, reflects on why one should never take a cherry slushy on a roller coaster, and contemplates how to analyze Martian anatomy somewhere over Kansas when normal goes right out the window.
Excuse Me Waiter, but Theres a Flyswatter in My Soup offers a compilation of funny poems that proves, once and for all, that black jellybeans are outcasts.

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