No Daddy! No!
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No Daddy! No!

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Olivia Clark
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Olivia Clark was born in 1938 in Mississippi at the tail end of The Great Depression.
Her father was from Alabama but left home to get a job with the Civilian Conservation Corps, and thats how he met Olivias mother and started a family. Eventually, shed move with her parents and siblings to Detroit after her father got a job making cars.

Olivia was only nine years old when her father first approached her for a sexual favor. He said it was a secretand she could not tell anyone else.

Her sister, Diane, received the brunt of his abuse. Some nights, he would enter their room, take Diane from the bed and bring her down the hallway. Olivia would have to listen to her sisters cries. Shed find out that in addition to threatening to kill Diane if she ever told their mother, hed give her money, too.

Even though Olivia saw her father as a monster, she still loved himand she shares how she overcame his abuse and a myriad of other obstacles in No Daddy! No!

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