The Flower That Finally Bloomed
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The Flower That Finally Bloomed

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Dr. Janet Yvette Williams
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Its spring and the community is filled with adults and children of all sorts of flowers: cherry blossoms, azaleas, lilies, narcissus, zinnias, and statices. Spring is an exciting time of year for all of nature; everything is just waiting to bloom.
As the flowers cheer, Chasie, the cherry blossom, notices that Lovely, the lily, is struggling to bloom. Her petals are all in a ball. Concerned, Chasie calls on the rest of the flowers for help. They must help find a way for Lily to become beautiful. On their journey, they discover Mrs. Daisy who has the solution to save the day.

A picture book for children, The Flower that Finally Bloomed shares a heartwarming story about being able to work through any struggle in life to become whatever you desire or dream. Through vivid illustrations and words, it shows that dreams can come true with the help of others who care about you.

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