Uncle Uli’S Unusual Umbrella
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Uncle Uli’S Unusual Umbrella

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Marie G. Bruno
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Uncle Ulis Unusual Umbrella is a delightful fantasy taking your childs imagination SOARING!
With a twist of his umbrellas handle, Uncle Uli takes us gliding over traffic, treetops, roofs, skyscrapers, mountains, oceans and the ZOO!

Ulis flashing polka dot umbrella gets him into and OUT of incredible situations.

The Eccentric Uncle Uli is charming, energetic, adventurous and more than confident that his umbrella-craft can rescue him from any peril.

Uli is a likable character who is sure to become endeared to children young and old, alike.

Uncle Ulis Unusual Umbrella is a FUN book that unleashes a read to me attitude. Its rhyming word format fosters an EAR for words and a love of reading.

Come along and have FUN with UNCLE ULI! The skys the limit!

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