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Sofort lieferbar | Lieferzeit: Sofort lieferbar I
T. A. Gaddy
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Thomas Greenstone has just returned to his small hometown in Nebraska following a military stint that left him changedor maybe his small town has changed. Hes ready to return to civilian life. He even has a job interview the afternoon he steps into Rubys for a quick bite to eat and everything changes.
A woman walks in wearing a fiery red trench coat, and Thomas is intrigued. His lunch now forgotten, he introduces himself to the cheeky, beautiful Mable Lanchester. Soon, the courting begins, as Thomas believes Mable might be the woman hes waited his whole life to meet. However, its not all wine and roses as Thomas wrestles with his past.

He struggles to retain the happiness he finds with Mable, but they agree to move slowly. She is just what hes dreamt of, and she seems to feel the same about him. Together, they navigate an ever-changing world as Thomass life away from the military evolves and he wondersis it possible for two people to fall in love and stay in love forever?

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