The Adventures of the Gobbies
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The Adventures of the Gobbies

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Peter S. Caplan
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On a beautiful July evening on the Riviera Golf Course in Malibu, something strange is happening. From the pond that stands on the fifth hole, there comes a sudden popping noiseand then four golf balls shoot out of water and grow faces, arms, and legs!
On the advice of a friendly rabbit, the four new golf-beings decide to call themselves the Gobbies. Together they set out to find a way to live on the golf course and still be safe; they also want to bring more golf balls up from the bottom of the pond. But how? First they must build new homes, to keep themselves safe from golfers looking for lost balls or enterprising animals looking for fun. Then one of the group wanders offand finds himself caught in the middle of a game of golf! But will they ever find more golf-beings just like them?

In this childrens story, golf balls left at the bottom of a pond magically come to life and then begin to make themselves at home on the golf course.

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