Zeiglar, Test of Faith
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Zeiglar, Test of Faith

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Willow Love
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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have something you care about deeply snatched away in an instant? What if someone you loved and trusted betrayed you? How would you feel?
In her book Zeiglar, Test of Faith, author Willow Love tells an adventurous and a spiritually oriented story about a group of animals. But these are not ordinary animals. Rhianna, a beautiful cat, is captured by a beast. Leo, her beloved mate, betrays her to save his life. And when Rhiannas children ran away to find a new home for just their own family, they begin the journey and fight to find each other again.

Based loosely on biblical stories, including the book of Daniel, Zeiglar, Test of Faith shows how faith, love, and determination can turn lives around and help you find what has been lost. Though one can have difficult times, there is always hope when one has faith. It works for the animals in Loves story, and it can work for you.

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