Dandy the Lion
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Dandy the Lion

Helping Others
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Kasey Shaver
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Dandy the Lion is known not only as the King of Beasts but also as the King of Kindness. As he explores the deep woods of the Northern Arizona Mountains, he comes across a raccoon who needs help.
Ricky the raccoon has fallen into a deep hole in the ground and is stuck! With the help of Dandy and his long tail, Ricky climbs to safety. The raccoon asks the lion how he can ever repay him. Then Dandy tells him to help someone elsethat is all he could ever ask. As a series of many different animal friends encounter difficulties during that day, we soon learn that everyone can use a little help now and then.

In this childrens story, a lion helps a raccoon and starts a chain reaction of helping others, showing the importance of being kind and having compassion and respect for others.

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