Freddie and the Circus Train
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Freddie and the Circus Train

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Becky Alexander
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Freddie is a cute country mouse who has just escaped the clutches of a clever cat named Pearl by hopping on to the back of a circus train. He has no idea that this train ride will change his life forever!
On the back of the train, there is a colorful sign reading, Welcome to the Circus, the Greatest Show on Earth! When Freddie makes his way inside the train, he finds himself facing an even bigger cat than PearlLarry the Lion! The mouse decides he must please the king of the jungle, and so he begins to do little mouse flips on the floor of the train car. Can he find a way to get into the circus? Only time will tell!

In this childrens story, a country mouse finds himself on a circus train and on his way to a brand-new life.

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