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Queen of Adventure
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Jen Petty Hilger
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Even as a tiny egg, Thisbe dreamt of adventure. Before she hatched, her egg practically vibrated with enthusiasm. Then, one day, the little chick broke free to a bright new world. Of course, she wants to go off adventuring right away, but shes much too small for thatplus, her mama hen wont let her leave the nest, not yet.
Thisbe peaks over the edge of her perch, wondering about the world beyond, until one day, she starts to grow. She grows more and more until she even begins to flap her wings and gets a whole three inches off the ground. When the time is right, her mother decides Thisbe can finally leave the henhouse, but only if she promises to stay by her mama chicks side.

Together, they travel out into the garden and the yard. In all its grandeur, the world is everything Thisbe hoped it would be. She meets other birds. She sees worms, spiders, and butterflies. The land around her is beautiful and filled with excitement. Now a grown chick, Thisbes wondrous adventure has begun and so can yours!

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