The Adventures of Henry the Squirrel
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The Adventures of Henry the Squirrel

In Search of the Golden Heart
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Eric S. Roth
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Henry is a squirrel about to set off on a grand adventure when he meets young puppy Austin. Poor Austin is an orphan with an injured leg, but Henry mends his injuries and tells him about his important mission. Henry travels in search of the legendary Golden Heart that once belonged to the Zakony tribe but was lost hundreds of years ago.
He invites Austin to go along on his journey. If they find the Golden Heart, surely theyll find fame and fortune. They use a special map with mysterious clues to follow the path, but along the way get distracted by people in need. Henry and Austin are kind and more than willing to help a church and even a woman with a busted roof.

Over the course of their travels, the two new friends must enter a spooky bell tower, find a secret key, investigate an old tree, and even dodge a dangerous thunderstorm. They keep each other from getting hurt, because thats what friends do, and when they finally come to the end of their search for the mystic Golden Heart, youll never guess what they find.

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