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Because You Get Paid to Smile and Serve
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Martha Humler
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Why? is filled with relatable rants about a subject Martha Humler knows well: customer service. My wish is one day stories like these will be few and far betweenbut in the meantime, I hope Marthas book gives you a giggle.
Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager, Legendary Service, and Raving Fans

Marthas stories are a lighthouse of actionable insights for service professionals that are swimming in a sea of mediocrity.

Dr. John Timmerman, Chief Scientist, Customer Experience & Innovation, Gallup

Were all consumers, which means weve all been frustrated by poor customer service.

Martha Humler, who spent her career in retail and advertising and is married to one of the kings of customer servicean executive with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co.shares her frustrations about mediocre customer service in a series of vignettes.

Along the way, she delivers common-sense tips and strategies that managers, leaders, and companies can use to cultivate a culture that revolves around customer service. In fact, this is one book business owners should provide to all staff. Topics include:

- self-checkouts and why they might not be the best way to slash costs;

- ways to keep delivering service after the sale;

- providing small amenitieslike bread at restaurantsthat build goodwill; and

- ways consumers can speak up to demand better customer service.

If youve ever left a drive-through window only to discover missing items, received items from an online purchase that look nothing like what you ordered or are tired of long-winded answering messages with dozens of prompts, then youll laugh out loud at these relatable rants.

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