Lenny’S Wagon Ride
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Lenny’S Wagon Ride

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Ken A. McKenzie
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Although Lenny lives in town, he loves visiting his grandparents farm in Nebraska. He enjoys seeing the animals, but more than anything, he likes to explore the farm.
On this visit, Grandpa needs to fix his tractor, so he tells Lenny to go and look around and to stay out of trouble. First Lenny finds a funny-looking tool and cuts all the weeds away from the door of one of the sheds. Next, he looks inside the shed, where he finds something speciala red wagon! Finally, Lenny gets a wonderful, crazy idea, one that will send Grandpas chicken scurrying and that will teach him a valuable lesson about making good choices.

In this childrens story, a little boy visiting his grandparents on their farm makes a discovery in a forgotten shed and then finds himself going for a very wild ride.

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