It’S Not Forsythia, It’S for Me
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It’S Not Forsythia, It’S for Me

My Years Teaching Young Children
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Gloria Needlman Ed.D.
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It's Not Forsythia It's for Me: My Years Teaching Young Children is a book for anyone involved in the lives of young children. Dr. Gloria Needlman, a 34 year, award winning nursery-kindergarten teacher, from the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, shares insightful, innovative experiences that took place as, over the years, her hundreds of children played and learned about numbers, science, music, art and literature. Read about exposing youngsters to human rights, empathy, and fun cleaning up. Her creative projects are described, through stories and photographs, to motivate and to incorporate, as adults interact with youngsters at home or in schools. These inspired ideas should be reused for many more children than those who called the author, Mrs. Needlman.

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